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Required software and libraries
You should have the following software and libraries to compile and use MDSTk toolkit on any platform.
  • CMake (Cross-platform Make) - open-source build system.
    "CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files. CMake generates native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice."
  • OpenGL and GLUT/Freeglut graphics libraries (visualization modules).
  1. Win32 platform (MinGW):

    • MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) together with the GCC compiler.
    • MSYS (MinGW - Minimal SYStem)
    • Precompiled GLUT library (the working version 3.7.6) for the MinGW compiler can be downloaded from the MDSTk web page together with all required 3rd party libraries.
    • Windows API header files (can be downloaded from the MinGW web site).

  2. Win32 platform (MS Visual C++):

    • Prebuilt GLUT library for the Visual Studio can be downloaded from the MDSTk web page together with all required 3rd party libraries.

  3. Linux platform:

    • Both OpenGL and GLUT libraries should be alredy installed in all standard Linux distributions.
    • Check that 32-bit versions of these libraries have been found! Otherwise, modify CMake variables MDSTk_OPENGL and MDSTk_GLUT manually.
    • All other required libraries can be downloaded separately. Alternatively, you can use later JPEG, ZLIB, PNG, UMFPACK and FFTW libraries pre-installed on your system.

Download latest version of the MDSTk from the and unpack it somewhere. If you don't have CMake installed on your system let's do it now.

Where appropriate, download the package of prebuilt required 3rd party libraries and unpack it into the '3rdParty' directory.

Under Linux use the 'cmake' or 'ccmake' utilities from a build directory different from the source directory. Advantage of such out-of-source build is that temporary files created by CMake and compiler won't disturb the source directory. Also, it makes possible to have multiple independent build targets by creating multiple build directories.

> cd MDSTk
> mkdir build
> cd build
> ccmake ..
> make

All executables will be placed in the 'build/bin' directory and all compiled libraries in the 'build/lib' directory.

If you want to build debug versions of libraries and binaries, modify the CMake variable 'CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE'.

> ccmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

Under Windows use the utility 'CMakeSetup' (or 'cmake-gui' recently) to generate project and solution files for your MS Visual Studio. Open the solution 'MDSTk.sln' which will be placed in the build directory and compile all libraries first. Afterwards, choose and compile required modules (optionaly TESTs and documentation).

Alternatively, you can use the same 'CMakeSetup' to generate Makefiles for MinGW and MSYS. In the next step, the 'make' utility is called from the build directory as mentioned above.

3rd party libraries
Here is a list of all external 3rd party libraries used by the MDSTk. For convenience, package of prebuilt libraries can be downloaded from the MDSTk web site.

Some of these libraries are distributed under more restrictive license then the toolkit one. For example, FFTW library uses the GNU GPL license. If you feel restricted with this license, you can disable the library during the CMake configuration step.

Last Change: 2012/02/20