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Medical Data Segmentation Toolkit

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How can you help

You can contribute to the development of the MDSTk in various ways, for example by contributing source code, making new modules or by sending bug reports or your suggestions. All contributors in any way are welcome!

Authors and major contributors
  • Premysl Krsek
    E-mail: krsek(at)
    Web page:
    DICOM medical format parser, loading and saving of DICOM slices. Main author of the VectorEntity library.
  • 3Dim Laboratory s.r.o.
    Web page:
    Redesign of the library, preliminary OpenMP and Unicode support.

Other contributors
  • Jiri Zahradka
    Basic implementation of the Fast Watershed Transfom.
  • Jiri Hutarek
    LBP texture features.

Last Change: 2010/11/01