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Vector Image Segmentation Tools -- VectorSeg

This MDSTk extension package is a collection of libraries, binary modules, and shell scripts for vector segmentation of 2D images, as well as volumetric medical data.

A principle task of the segmentation is image partitioning into a set of non-overlapping regions. This package provides image segmentation technique based on the 2D/3D Delaunay triangulation. Triangular/tetrahedral mesh is used to partition image data into elements, while the mesh construction process respects significant image edges. Therefore, surfaces of image regions are well described and can be easily derived. In order to provide high quality meshes, the method is based on techniques like the isotropic meshing and the variational tetrahedral meshing.

Finally, every element of the mesh (e.g. tetrahedron) is characterized by its feature vector detailing underlying image data. The library provides several clustering methods to classify these feature vectors into groups - image segments. Some traditional methods like region growing and merging are also present. All these techniques are modified, so that they work with meshes instead of raster image data.

Authors Michal Spanel, Premysl Krsek, Miroslav Svub and Ondrej Siler
Released by DCGM, FIT, Brno University of Technology
License GNU General Public License
Latest Version 1.1
Download Zipped source codes can be downloaded here VectorSeg.

For more information about the vector segmentation, see papers enclosed in the 'doc/papers' directory in the package explaining this techniquein more detail.

Last Change: 2010/11/01